Welcome to the Colbert Report Political Rorschach Test

The Colbert Report Political Rorschach Test is a Poli-Tea Politics Project, adapted from a study published in the The International Journal of Press/Politics. In the spirit of truthiness, the test inhabits a fact-free zone in which we must think with our guts and not with our heads, unlike the study upon which it is based. For more information on the study, entitled The Irony of Satire, follow the appropriate link in the sidebar, but not before you take the test, lest you begin thinking with your head rather than your gut.

In the test, as in the study, you will first view a video clip from The Colbert Report, and then proceed to a series of three prompts relating to your impression of Stephen Colbert himself. Each prompt is followed by a simple poll question inquiring as to your political ideology. Follow the appropriate links and take the polls, but please do not answer poll questions that your gut does not direct you to, since this would necessarily taint the truthiness of the results. The video clip is approximately six minutes long. Answering the prompts and polls will only take a few moments. When you are finished with the test, post your feedback at the guest book and comments page.

Begin The Colbert Report Political Rorschach Test.

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